Sunday, November 1, 2009


I couldn't decide what I wanted to be for Hallowe'en. A witch...
or an angel.
See more Halloween pictures on my mom's blog.


  1. I couldn't wait to see Katey in her halloween costume. Did she enjoy the trick or treaters?

  2. We stayed outside for most of the trick or treating and she seemed to like all of the kids in costume. But she had enough after awhile and just sat on the step so I put her inside. Then she watched the rest from the front window.

  3. Okay so I thought we were insane with our babies, dressing them up for the seasons. Glad to see we are not alone. We (Chelsea and myself) were just in Zellers and came across wine bottle decorations. Who knew they'd look so good on the pups; the hats were way too small but the Santa sweaters look darling and fit like a glove. I will have to send pics.