Saturday, June 26, 2010

Canoe trip down the Rideau

I had the best adventure ever this week! Some of my 'aunties' went on a canoe trip and they took me with them for a day. I wore my life vest in the boat and we had a great time.
I should have worn my life vest on the dock too because I jumped in the water under the bridge by the locks and couldn't get back up again. So Anka had to rescue me by fishing me out by the scruff of my neck.

Those 'aunties' sure do take good care of me!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My friend Mary

While this isn't my favorite picture of Mary (because she was so ill at the time), this was the last visit we had before she died. She asked my human to bring me over for 'dog therapy'. We loved one another and she always smiled when she saw me. I miss her.

Nanny's back

Nanny is visiting and she takes me on lots of walks. The only thing that she doesn't like is picking up my poop. My mom tells me to save it for when Nanny walks me, so I do my best. She always gags and makes the worse faces.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Having a dog-gone good spring

Even though my human has been negligent (as usual!) with posting about my adventures, I've been having a pretty good spring. My feet are all muddy in this picture from running along the river.

Adam came to visit and we went on lots of great walks.
It's only early June and I've been swimming several times.
I even got to go to a dress-up party. I got lots of treats and attention so I didn't mind wearing the silly bow.
I've had several sleep-overs while my human was off galavanting. I stayed a few nights with Jennifer, Anka and Fred, and Dianne and Brian. I got along just great and was very spoiled ... as it should be! Everyone says I'm no trouble and Dianne and Brian didn't even get mad at me when I jumped in their fish pond. I still growl at Bower sometimes but we are getting along much better now. I know he just wants to play, but I like being the boss and putting him in his place.

breakfast with Ginger