Friday, July 9, 2010

A note to my mom (while she's on vacation without me!)

Hey Mommy ...

Did you know that when Rudy and I go walking, and he goes for a pee, I have to hurry over to the spot and pee on top of his pee! Auntie Jen says I'm showing Rudy who's boss!

How's your trip going ... guess you'll have lots to tell me!

When Auntie Jen went golfing today, Rudy and I kept Uncle George company! He thinks that he took care of Rudy and me, but we just humoured him and went out in the backyard with him just to keep him company, not cause we wanted out.

We had 3 walks today, but the rain surprised us on one walk and we had to head home pretty quick! I think I'm staying up later than usual and it's fun! We just got in from our last walk a few minutes ago.

I will proabaly head to bed pretty soon, but first I have to coax Rudy upstairs. He just doesn't like going up the stairs, but once he's up there, he's really happy!

Tomorrow we're going out for dinner. An old boyfriend, (another of my many men) Riley has invited us over for a BBQ, so I'm pretty excited. Wonder how it'll be with Rudy and Riley looking for my attentions! Oh well, what can a girl do ....?

Have fun Mommy ... and a big Hello to Auntie Dianne?

Love you and miss you ... Your little Katey, Your Wonder Dog!

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