Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cottage life

My friend Bower looks kind of scarey but he's really a big pussy cat. We tried to get him in the water at Auntie Anne's cottage but he doesn't know he can swim yet. 
In this picture he's wearing a life vest around his middle but he didn't manage to float for more than a few minutes before he panicked. Oh well, maybe next time...
In the meantime, I had been for my swim and watched the swimming lesson from the grass where I was drying off in the sun.
Here we are having a well deserved rest after a full day of activity.


  1. Dear Katey TWD,

    You are such an inspiration to other dogs and humans! Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. You have taught me about the benefits of being 'laid back' and most importantly about style and fashion. I know that you have a busy schedule in the next couple of weeks hanging out with your human, Uncle Adam and Nanny but when you have time come on back up to the cottage and we can just hang out, go for a boat ride and sip a few brews. I will leave it up to you whether or not to bring your human along.
    Auntie Anne